Crafting a 3D Paper Pumpkin: Fun and Festive DIY Project

Create this 3D paper pumpkin using fall or Halloween themed cardstock and decorate your home. Just add twine for a festive piece of decor.

3D Paper Pumpkin
It has only been the past couple years that I’ve begun decorating for autumn and Thanksgiving; Halloween decor was always part of the plan! Now that more than just immediate family are joining us for Thanksgiving dinner, I like adding touches of fall wherever possible.

This 3D paper pumpkin is perfect for Autumn but also works well during Halloween or Thanksgiving! Add it to your mantle or display at a Pumpkin Painting Party!

Fold and crease each pumpkin half. Position two pumpkins side-by-side, so their creases touch. Use lighter weight scrapbook paper to cut half-inch wide strips a little shorter in height than your pumpkins.

Use glue tape to apply adhesive to the back of a paper strip, then press it onto both pumpkin creases to join them together. Repeat this process until all your pumpkins have been joined into one pumpkin. Cut a piece of twine and secure it carefully around its stem before trimming away any excess.

Paper pumpkins are easy to make and they look fantastic! Their sturdy construction (depending on the paper you use) can keep them going all season long. Or try creating no-sew sweater pumpkins – another fun project!