Halloween Door Decoration: Keep Out if You Dare!

Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday! Decorating for Halloween is such an enjoyable tradition!

Why We Loved This Project
Over Halloween weekend I saw many creatively decorated doors. Last year, I almost decorated my garage door to look like a giant monster! What made this Halloween door unique was how easy and inexpensive its creation was – only needing minimal supplies needed.

Last year I hosted a pumpkin painting party for friends at my craft studio and turned my studio door into this fun Halloween Door!

How to Craft Your Halloween Door
Open a cardboard box so it lies flat, then use a box cutter to slice through it like planks of wood.
Use a large paintbrush with black paint to write “KEEP” on one plank and “OUT” on another using lots of it, then stand each plank up upright and tap lightly on its work surface so any excess will flow off and drip onto the work surface.
Use a round sponge applicator and silver paint to add nails/bolts to the ends of each plank. Dip your applicator in paint before pressing on to the plank then turning and twisting in order to form circles.
Let everything dry thoroughly before proceeding.
While your paint dries, secure black mesh or spider web to the outside of your door using tape (try finding a color that complements it, such as clear shipping tape). Once planks have dried completely, attach them over it, leaving some of the mesh visible underneath.
Add some cute stick-on bats to complete your masterpiece!

*WARNING – Due to my not visiting my studio daily at that time, my door decoration stayed up for over two months due to sun glare hitting it directly and pulling paint from my door as soon as it came down! When removing it, however, the tape pulled paint from my door! As such, if possible use storm doors if available or place this decoration one week prior to Halloween then take immediate measures afterwards as soon as it hits full sun like mine did!

My Halloween Door was a hit! My studio was located directly on Main Street so many passersby stopped and stared. Lots of laughter! I saved all the boards to reinstall this at my own home shortly. Have fun and Happy Halloween!