Spooky Delights: Salt Dough Haunted Houses

Create your own haunted houses to display for Halloween using salt dough, water and paint! Make a spooky haunted house to display this year.

What We Love This Project
These salt dough haunted houses are similar to our clay Halloween village but with a darker palette and using different modelling materials. Both projects make great ways of decorating mantels or shelves for Halloween! Spend an afternoon having a spooky craft day with family or friends making haunted houses of your own!

Download a printable list and directions at the end of this post.

How to Create Salt Dough Haunted Houses
Following this Salt Dough Jabba the Hutt Craft recipe, combine salt, flour and water. Hand mix until everything has come together into a uniform dough mass.

Expert Crafting Tips
Get creative and use different combinations of purple, lime green, orange and black colors on different houses. Or add glitter or paint “keep out” signs in the window for added flair! Before painting begins however, allow time for your salt dough to set completely before starting painting!

How adorable and terrifyingly haunted are these salt dough haunted houses! Prop them on bookshelves with some fake spiderwebs for an added fright, glue them to sturdy wreath forms or include them in a Halloween Terrarium for even more creepiness! Have fun haunting!