Ghoulishly Charming: Halloween Wine Glass Candle Holders

These Halloween wine glass candle holders are perfect for DIY Halloween decor or party centerpieces – or even to use at your Pumpkin Painting Party right on the food table!

Halloween Wine Glass Candles
These Halloween wine glass candles will certainly stand out at your Halloween party and they are so simple to create! Customize each wine glass monster however you like or try new characters such as witches and vampires for even more laughs!

If you need something sweet to pair with your wine glasses, check out these zombie candy pops or Frankenstein chocolate bark.

*For crafting Halloween wine glass candle holders here, acrylic enamel paints in green, black, orange, purple red and white colors will be necessary.

Are you interested in buying instead? Etsy sellers offer various variations.

Start by applying some alcohol on a cotton ball or cloth and wiping over your entire wine glass to clean it thoroughly. Allow this step to dry fully before proceeding further.

Step two involves painting your wine glasses with the initial base coat of paint. Pour your paint onto a palette or paper plate and brush it onto each wine glass (including optionally covering its bottom half where your candle will rest).

Foam brushes provide optimal coverage when painting wine glasses, so set them out on wax paper to dry before applying two to three coats of paint, allowing each layer to dry thoroughly between applications until your glasses become opaque.

Frankenstein should paint their wine glass green, with black stem and bottom. For the Mummy, paint all four walls white; when using purple hues for zombie effect. Lastly, for Jack O’Lantern use orange wine glasses with green stem and bottom as per instructions above.

Thirdly, flip the wine glasses upside-down and decorate them.

To create the mummy effect, cut strips of gauze and secure them around a glass, including its stem, using hot glue. Be wary when handling this hot glue as its presence will be felt through its material if touched directly; leave an open space on the glass so you can add two black dots for eyes later when drying is complete.

For Frankenstein, cut a 3-inch circle from black felt. Snip an invisible line through its center using scissors and cut out another smaller circle about 1/2-inch in diameter from this larger one, using your other scissors snip zigzag lines around its edge for decoration.

Use hot glue to secure a felt circle to the bottom of a wine glass for Frankenstein’s “hair,” then use a small paint brush with black paint to paint his eyes, mouth, and scar. Allow this project to dry completely before moving onto step 4.

Use black paint and a small paintbrush to give the Jack O’ Lantern its customary face.

Assemble your zombie by painting an “X” and dot for eyes, as well as painting a mouth using red paint and adding drops of blood with dropper bottles. Cut a strip of gauze to wrap around a wine glass carefully securing with hot glue.

And finally, top off your wine glasses with candles using hot glue if desired.

I love these fun yet slightly scary Halloween wine glass candles – and am already dreaming up versions for Thanksgiving and Christmas!

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