Spooky Elegance: DIY Halloween Ribbon Wreath

Make an easy Halloween Ribbon Wreath using assorted ribbons in traditional holiday colors – an excellent addition to your Halloween decor!

Why We Love This Project mes With its wide range of beautiful ribbons, this wreath makes a striking Halloween display on any front door! Using purples, blacks, oranges and white ribbons together brings this festive holiday together in perfect harmony – plus, any combination of other ribbons you want can help to customize this wreath!

At our disposal was a stash of ribbons we’d collected over time from sale bins; making this wreath has given us a whole new appreciation of ribbon!

Supplies You Will Need
Get all the supplies and instructions in a printable version at the end of this post.
How to Create a Halloween Ribbon Wreath
Once your wreath form is on a flat surface, lay the styrofoam wreath form over it and measure how long each ribbon needs to be by folding it around it and folding again over itself around your wreath form. Remember to add extra 8-10” at either end so the wreath will hang freely when finished!

Use this as your guide when cutting additional ribbon strands. Also be sure to cut at an angle in order to prevent fraying of ribbon ends.

Begin with the widest ribbon, wrapping and tying one strand at a time around the form, evenly spacing out each ribbon strand around its perimeter.

Begin layering more ribbon onto the wreath form. Do this until all styrofoam form underneath is concealed by adding layers and overlap with previous ribbon layers, until your wreath form looks full enough to hide it completely. Tie each ribbon with two knots at its outer edge – for easy assembly!

Once all forms have been obscured by ribbon, your Halloween ribbon wreath is complete. Hang it up and enjoy it.

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