Purr-fectly Crafty: DIY Black Cat Pumpkins

We adore this darling black cat pumpkin project! Use different-shaped pumpkins to create different-shaped black kitties for your porch display.

Why this project works Its With this project, there’s minimal carving involved – simply cutting out eyes. If desired, add mouth or nose features too for further customization!

This cute black cat pumpkin requires only minimal supplies for assembly and decoration – making it a simple yet quick project that will bring your stoop alive this Halloween season!

Find all of your supplies and directions at the end of this post in a printable version, then follow these steps for Black Cat Pumpkins: Cut off the top and clean out all of the seeds/guts/seedlings before creating some Black Cat Pumpkins – when finished make my roasted pumpkin seeds recipe as a bonus treat!
Draft two almond-shaped eyes onto paper for your small pumpkin and tape or pin them onto its front before carving it out. Bring newspapers outside as drop cloth material for this project before setting your pumpkins atop. Finally, spray paint both pumpkins black before leaving them alone until completely dry.
Turn the small pumpkin upside-down with its bottom up. Insert toothpicks through its base. Secure a tea light atop of the large pumpkin’s body; trim its stem as necessary so the tea light remains standing. Secure both pumpkins together using sturdy wooden skewers.
We love discovering simple pumpkin decorating ideas! You will adore this cute and spooky black cat pumpkin for your front door!