Halloween in a Jar: Creating a Spooky Terrarium

There are lots of fun ways to make your own Halloween decorations! We put this terrarium together using clearance items from the craft store; but you could also find similar products at big box and dollar stores!

Why This Project Works
Anytime I find items on clearance or at a dollar store, I consider that a success.

This project can be kept for future years or given away as an amusing gift.

How to Create a Halloween Terrarium Begin by placing the fence inside of a glass canister and adding lights if desired – I recommend wrapping these around it first and adding the fence later. If desired, lights could also be wrapped around it before adding the fence in.
Add your main structure; in our case it’s a haunted house. Next, scatter some small pebbles around its base for added realism. Position some rocks over them with some moss on top. Finally, add any small figures such as our witch, gravestones and pumpkins as well as hanging ghosts from canister lids or rims for added flair!
This Halloween Terrarium makes a fun addition to your fireplace mantel or as part of a festive centerpiece display.