The Enchanting Halloween Tradition: You’ve Been Booed

Halloween may take a different form this year, but you still have ways to spread joy throughout your neighborhood! Use these free You’ve Been Booed! printables to unleash an explosion of Halloween spirit across your block!

Why We Love This Idea
Spread some holiday cheer all year-round by leaving a fun basket full of Halloween goodies on their doorstep – it makes the whole experience that much more entertaining for all involved! This idea makes spreading joy even easier!

How to Play You’ve Been Booed
Everyone participating will need to print two pages for every neighbor they boo – the “You’ve Been Booed!” note and the “We’ve Been Booed!” sign – to include with their Halloween favors or goodies package so their recipient knows how to keep the fun alive!

Download and print both Boo signs. Produce a small care package of Halloween goodies like cookies, candy, favors, stickers, glow sticks or homemade goodies as an ‘I am Boo-ing you!’ gift – be sure to include both the note and sign.
Place a box full of goodies on a neighbor’s porch, ring their bell and run! In hopes they place a “We Have Been Booed!” sign on their door (so as not to get Booed again!) then pay it forward by doing the same for another neighbor – until eventually your whole neighborhood is involved!