Create Beautiful Decoupage Wood Slice Ornaments for the Holidays

DIY wood slice ornaments offer an easy and economical way to personalize your holiday decorating style. Simply use any paper napkin with patterns or colors of your choosing to craft custom ornaments tailored specifically for you and your Christmas decorating style.

DIY Decoupage Wood Slice Ornaments
Making these charming wood slice ornaments is simple with paper napkins, wood slice rounds and decoupage glue! Make them part of your annual tradition or host a Christmas ornament-making party along with cinnamon ornaments!

As these ornaments were intended for a mini tree, I utilized smaller wood rounds. Feel free to experiment with various size or thickness wood rounds – whatever works for you is fine!

Learn How to Decoupage Wood Slice Ornaments
Find all of the step-by-step, printable instructions at the end of this post.

Start by applying white acrylic paint to one side of the wood round. While you could extend this all the way to its wood slice edge, I like stopping just before reaching the edge formed by bark rings. Allow time for drying before proceeding further with painting the remaining side with black.

Disassemble and discard the bottom unpatterned layer from a decorative napkin, cutting a small square from it that slightly exceeds the dimensions of your wood round.

Apply a thin layer of decoupage glue over the white paint. Be mindful not to make this too thin; otherwise, napkin paper could bubble and wrinkle. Press small square napkin onto decoupage glue to smooth any bubbles away and allow it to set completely before proceeding further with this craft project.

Sandpaper can help to gently strip away excess napkin paper, leaving rounder edges on your wood floor.

Seal the ornament with another coat of decoupage glue and allow to dry thoroughly before placing any additional layers over it.

Add twine or ribbon to hang the wood slice ornaments. If your wooden rounds already feature holes drilled through them, use a pointed object to poke through napkin to make an opening for string to pass through and hang your ornament.

Finish Mini Wood Round Ornaments
I used small wood rounds to craft Mini Wood Round Ornaments for my children to decorate a small tree that they enjoy decorating. My kids especially enjoyed getting creative by decorating some of their own wood rounds – feel free to involve the whole family in this craft! For even more wood round crafts, check out Reversible Seasonal Wood Round Crafts; perfect for transitioning between seasons!

Unique Christmas ornaments can quickly add up. By going the DIY route, you can save money for other aspects of holiday decor while getting custom ornaments to meet your exact desires. I particularly enjoy decoupaging ornaments as your design options are only limited by what holiday napkins are available at stores.