Create Waterless Snow Globes for a Delightful Winter Decoration

This waterless snow globe project is both enjoyable and rewarding – perfect for decorating your home or giving as gifts! Adults and kids will both love making one!

Why this project works Who doesn’t love snow globes? They bring back fond memories of childhood holidays! And this project works because creating one will remind us all how wonderful those memories were!

Download and print out the printable list and directions at the end of this post to make a Waterless Snow Globe! We provide step by step photos and instructions here so you can visualize how this project is completed – please scroll down if you would like a full set!

Remove lids from jars. Adhere snowmen, trees and/or presents to their lids using glue; set aside. You can find ornamented trees here.

Add two inches of artificial snow to each jar.

Add foam balls over artificial snow for an adorable addition – like cute snowballs! The foam balls act like cute snowballs.

Secure lid of jar and gently shake to distribute snow evenly throughout. A few particles will cling to the sides of your jar for a wintery appearance!

These charming waterless snow globes can be made truly personalized by adding figurines such as deer, elves or Santa. Have fun!