Creating Bird Seed Ornaments

Spring has officially arrived, along with plenty of hungry birds! Make these bird seed ornaments with your kids as an easy craft project; the birds will thank you while your children will have great fun making it! Plus, birds love eating them too!

Bird Seed Ornaments
Making bird seed ornaments can be an easy and enjoyable craft activity for kids of any age! Just remember to include a hole for perching birds while they munch away! When creating your ornament, be sure to include an opening at its center so they can perch while feasting upon bird food!

Simply collect thin cardboard, peanut butter (the Audubon Society has assured us it is safe for birds), and bird seed. For additional details please read this article Myths and Facts About Peanut Butter and Birds.

How To Make A Bird Seed Ornament
First, flatten out a piece of cardboard. Use templates or cookie cutters to draw any shape you like using pencil; for an ornament with 1 1/2-in circles cut them all out before cutting out any extra pieces you might find inside for decoration purposes.

TIP: Adults can pierce the center with a nail or needle to help cut out its core.

Create the top of a shape using nail or needle to make a hole at its peak (adults only). Thread floral wire through it and twist to close off any open areas in its way before filling your tray or dish with bird seed.
Spread a thin layer of peanut butter on the shape. Hold it over the tray and cover it with bird seed; turn over to remove excess. Before setting, place on baking tray lined with wax paper (optional). Repeat on other side if desired (if desired).
If your children have enjoyed creating this quick and simple bird seed ornament recipe, why not introduce them to Cheerios birdfeeders next?

If you missed it before, don’t fret! Peanut butter is indeed safe for birds – we even have an article explaining Myths and Facts on Birds and Peanut Butter to provide more clarity if needed!