Creative Sheep Painted Rocks: A Fun Craft for All Ages

With only a handful of supplies you’re on your way to creating adorable sheep painted rocks for Easter or Spring celebrations! Make them and watch as everyone joins in!

Why we love it: Wrought iron sheep rocks are easy and enjoyable projects for kids and adults alike to make and display on bookshelves or outdoors. Kids will especially enjoy designing their own sheep rocks.

Sheep crafts can be great fun to create and combine them with painted rocks for an adorable project! We have used recycled CDs as well as cardboard tubes to craft adorable lambs – so when we put these two elements together we knew this project would make for one adorable finished product!

Discover a complete list of supplies and directions in the printable version found at the end of this post.

How to Paint Sheep Painted Rocks Our step-by-step photos and instructions are here to help guide your creation of this project. Simply scroll down and print off our instructions!

Make sure all of your rocks are clean and dry, then create an aged look by using a thinned-down black and white paint mixture. Just mix water with some black paint before painting the rock surface.

Utilize a clean paper towel and quickly wipe away excess paint to achieve a washed-out effect.

Do the same on the remaining rocks using a watered-down white paint mixture, allowing it to fully dry before moving on to step 2.

Use a white paint pen to begin drawing spirals on black-washed rocks with light strokes; make sure not to press too hard with the brush pen so your lines remain light and consistent. Repeat on white-washed rocks using black paint.

On a white sheep, use a fine tip paintbrush and black paint to make its face. Next, paint its ears and hooves as shown. With black sheep, do the same process but use beige color.

Create two oval-shaped eyes using a white paint pen and once dry, use black paint pen to paint their pupils.

Draw the eyes, nose, and mouth of a black painted sheep as shown. Repeat to create more painted sheep rocks.
Expert Crafting Tips If you’re placing rocks outside, I recommend Patio Paint as the paint of choice for outdoor applications. Otherwise, regular acrylic paint will do, with an additional coat or two of outdoor sealer for additional protection. Nachwuchs children can use foam applicators instead of paintbrushes.
Reduce expenses by collecting smooth rocks in your own yard or at nearby parks. This strategy could save money.

These sheep-painted rocks make an enjoyable Easter activity or painting project for kids of any age – though younger children may require assistance. We hope you enjoy this fun painted rock idea! We wish you an enjoyable journey through it.