DIY Mosaic Earth: A Fun Earth Day Craft Idea

Make learning about our beautiful planet fun for kids while teaching them its significance with this craft made of construction paper mosaic Earth!

April is Earth Month and April 22nd marks Earth Day – it’s the perfect opportunity to talk to children about being mindful with how we treat our Earth! Make an adorable mosaic Earth Day craft out of construction paper or recycled magazines to get across this message!

Did you know the first Earth Day took place in 1970? Senator Gaylord Nelson first proposed it as a grassroots movement back in the 60’s in response to environmental issues not being taken seriously enough. Soon thereafter, these grassroots actions became extremely popular and eventually resulted in Clean Water, Clean Air, and Endangered Species acts being passed.

Since Earth Day first occurred, awareness and participation have steadily grown year by year. Did you know that 500 million people will participate in some form of Earth Day activity during April?! Our elementary school, likely yours too, participates annually by inviting families on an organized trash collection hike through town to pick up debris in an environmentally responsible manner. What activities does your school hold in honor of Earth Day?

Print out and apply the pattern to the back of a cereal box, tracing over its design to create an indentation in its cardboard. Use a pen or pencil to lightly trace over it so you can clearly see what you are working with.

Cut construction paper or magazines into squares.

Utilize a glue stick and the pattern as your guide when adding pieces to your circle.

Once your Earth has dried, turn it over and trim away any excess. Next, create a hanger using yarn and beads and attach it to its backside; your masterpiece is now ready for hanging!

This Earth Day craft is simple to create and each child’s is truly individual – here are a few ideas for their mosaic Earth Day craft:

1. Why not turn it into a solar system project by crafting planets mosaic-style for display on the bedroom wall or ceiling!?

2. Create the Earth as two-sided piece and hang it from a string on the ceiling so it can spin freely and freely twirl around itself.

3. Craft all the planets and hang them at different heights for an eye-catching bedroom display!