Father’s Day Card Printable: Express Your Love with a Special Greeting

Apologize to Dad this Father’s Day with something extra-special: create your own card using these free printables to express our thanks and create something handmade by using these DIY Father’s Day printables! He’ll surely appreciate being the one who made it himself!

Printable Father’s Day Card
Choose any or all of my three printable Father’s Day card designs to create something truly one-of-a-kind this Father’s Day! And make these cards truly one-of-a-kind with crayons, glitter and other art supplies to personalize each card to create truly custom cards!

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Simply click on any coloring card link above that appeals to you, print off and color!

I created these cards to print on either 8.5” x 11” cardstock or blank A7 cards. If using A7 cards, they should print without issue while for regular cardstock you will have to cut it after printing to size. Standard printer paper won’t hold up well with art supplies either!

After you’ve colored in your card, be sure to add a handwritten message inside! Fathers appreciate personalized gifts from their children – this card will certainly become a keepsake!