Get Creative with These 25+ DIY Advent Calendar Ideas

As a kid, advent calendars were something I bought from the drug store with chocolate candies hidden behind each door – they were great fun! Now though there are so many creative advent calendar ideas out there!

Advent Calendar Ideas
There is an astounding variety of advent calendar ideas out there; to help narrow down the selection, I have made several recommendations below.

Cardboard Tube Advent Calendars
Use regular cardboard tubes to create advent calendars! Some of these ideas use toilet paper tubes, but if that bothers you simply swap in paper towel tubes!

Advent Calander Countdown – I love how they made a box shape out of tissue paper with this idea and this advent calendar! Its Pretty Snowflake Advent Calendar – These silver snowflakes add some flair and make this advent calendar even more beautiful, don’t you agree?!?
Advent Tree Advent Calendar – What an inventive use for cardboard tubes… transforming them into the shape of a Christmas Tree!! For even more festive fun and festivity try covering this advent calendar in festive scrapbook paper for an added festive look!

Advent Calendars from Cups
Here are some super adorable ideas for turning foam or paper cups into advent calendars! You can find colorful paper cups at most dollar stores or party supply shops.

Pretty & Colorful Advent Calendar – I absolutely adore the vibrant hues in these cups for this advent calendar! Reindeer Cup Advent Calendar – What an inventive idea it was to transform these cups into reindeers; children will certainly get a kick out of this idea!
Super Easy Advent Calendar – Here is an Advent calendar your children can make themselves, they are sure to love it!

Festive Adult Advent Calendars
Just so everyone knows, advent calendar ideas don’t only cater to kids! Here are some gorgeous advent calendars adults will also love.

Old Door Advent Calendar – What an inspiring idea it would make an eye-catching statement piece this Christmas. Wooden Tree Advent Calendar – I thought it was great that this advent calendar was built into the shape of a tree! What an original way of using all that space.
Holiday Activities Advent Calendar – This advent calendar features some awesome activities you and the kids can do together, while its sister Christmas Countdown makes use of counting down days until Christmas instead.
Luminary Advent Calendar – Do you have 25 glass jars lying around that could make for the perfect advent calendar? This would certainly add some festive sparkle to Christmas. Clay Tag Advent Calendar – This clay tag advent calendar is absolutely beautiful; I want one in my own house.
Big Box Advent Calendar – Here is another fun advent calendar you can fill with special treats for the children!

Advent Calendar Ideas Your Children Can Assist In Looking for advent calendar ideas your children can help create? Here are a few kid-friendly options we found:

Recycled K-Cup Advent Calendar – I love using recycled materials for crafts, so this advent calendar using empty K-cups is particularly clever!
Christmas Tree Advent Calendar – These Christmas tree cones look adorable while being relatively straightforward to assemble.
Santa’s Beard Advent Calendar – This fun idea makes perfect use of paper. Envelope Advent Calendar – Chances are, all the supplies necessary are already lying around your home!
Advent Calendar Boxes – This idea works well if you already own suitable mini boxes to use for this holiday tradition. Party Bag Advent – Use organza bags instead of cardboard to create festive advent calendars this season!