Cardboard Tube Chicks: A Fun Craft Idea for Kids

These adorable cardboard tube chicks make a fun kid-friendly Easter craft tutorial. All it requires is some cardboard tubes, paint and pipe cleaners! Be sure to include this craft when planning any Easter crafts for kids this year.

Cardboard Tube Chick Tutorial
Create these adorable toilet paper roll chicks today as part of my cardboard tube farm series! Your children will have fun making these chicks for Easter and spring!

Crafting Tips
For younger children, to make this project simpler and less time consuming, use wiggle eyes instead of markers or draw eyes directly on for them. Furthermore, felt or construction paper could be substituted as wings, beaks and hair tufts on wings/beak/tufts of hair as well as feet if desired.
I use a hot glue gun for this project. You could also try Beacon’s 123 Instant Grab glue or another fast dry adhesive instead, although white craft glue might work just as well if held firmly in place while setting.
How to Make Cardboard Tube Chicks (PDF Format).
Cut cardboard tube to desired length; mine stands 1 1/4” high.
Paint the inside and exterior of a cardboard tube yellow. Let dry. Once complete, cut three short pieces of yellow pipe cleaner, each about 3/4-inches long for hair tufts, from yellow pipe cleaner. Glue these ends together so their ends meet while their tops fan out like fantails.

As feet, cut two orange pipe cleaners about 1 1/2” long; bend each in half for wings.
Attach the tufts of hair inside the top of a cardboard tube, the wings to either side, and bend your foot stems so they stick out from under it – see images for guidance below.

Add orange paint for the beak and use a Sharpie marker for eyes and eyebrows, using an old, scruffy, small paintbrush dipped in pink paint as your blush for cheeks. Before adding the cheeks, dab off any extra paint so that your application of blush is as near dry as possible.

These cute cardboard tube chicks are such a fun craft project to do with kids! We adore how adorable they are.