Fabric Scrap Ladybug Magnets: A Creative and Colorful Craft Project

These little ladybug magnets make great presents when you need several on hand. Reminiscent of my plastic lid ladybugs but with more color thanks to fabrics, these lovely gifts make excellent additions to party bags, secret sister packages or tea party table settings – plus, they make you smile! Fun just for fun too!

Fabric Scrap Ladybug Magnets I have always adored ladybug crafts as their adorable designs appeal to my playful side, while my magnet obsession allows me to use up fabric scraps in this DIY project – two bonuses of making these magnets!

And they’re so adorable, don’t you think? So this project was an overall success.

These ladybugs are easy to create from fabric scraps and matching felt and card stock colors, plus felt. So let’s get crafting!

As always, a comprehensive printable supply list and instructions can be found at the end of this post.

Use scissors to trace around a round plastic lid onto fabric and cut out the circle using ruler and ruler.

Cover the back of the fabric circle with glue using a glue stick.

Attach the fabric circle to matching felt.

Adhere the felt to the card stock with glue.

Paint a semicircle shape onto the head using black paint.

Use the handle end of a paintbrush to dot on whites of eyes using dots made with dot paints; let all layers dry completely before proceeding further.

Once dry, use a toothpick to dot black onto the whites of the eyes, before using scissors to cut around it leaving a felt border and adding magnets using white craft glue.

As I previously stated, ladybugs are among my favorite creatures! Here are a few more crafts featuring my favorite ladybugs for you to enjoy this summer. I hope that you enjoyed these projects and had an enjoyable summertime!