Craft Stick Photo Frame: A Creative DIY Project

Handmade gifts are always more meaningful! Make this Father’s Day (or Mother’s Day or birthday!!) extra-special by creating this keepsake craft stick photo frame from wood for Dad – he will cherish and keep on his desk or toolbox!

Craft Stick Photo Frame Dominic and I created this craft stick frame many years ago together. The photo featured here comes from his “pee wee” football days as a first grader – soon-to-be graduating high school senior! While we chose football as a theme for our craft stick frame, you could customize it in whatever way best suits you; making one would make an excellent homemade present perfect for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day or summer birthdays or just decorating their room.

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Craft sticks should be lined up in pairs. Arrange the craft sticks into a square, using this guideline as the basis of how to trim your photo to fit. Remove photo and glue craft stick together into frame shape – ready for display!

Trace photo onto cardboard and cut it out.

Attach the photo to the cardboard using glue stick.

Once the frame has set, paint it and allow it to dry before moving on with its project.

Cut a length of yarn and glue both ends onto the back to use it as a hanger.

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