Cell Phone Selfie Father’s Day Card: A Fun DIY Greeting

Are you searching for an original and engaging kids craft idea to celebrate Father’s or Mother’s Day this year? Consider making a cell phone selfie card! Kids of all ages are using cell phones, making selfies the latest trend – make a phone-shaped card and attach their child’s selfie from #selfie fame to their mom or dad as the ultimate personalized present!

Cell Phone Selfie Card
Many Father’s Day and Mother’s Day crafts are designed for younger children, leaving older kids to purchase cards instead. Instead, make this unique cell phone selfie card to keep the memories of Mother or Father Day alive forever! Let your older kids use it as an opportunity for creativity by drawing funny faces or taking selfies on it with their smartphone!

Assembling one is easy! Simply cut a rectangle out of cardstock that matches the dimensions of a cell phone. Use your personal handset as a guide when adding any buttons or controls with pencil, then round off its edges using scissors.
Write your personal message on the back. Perhaps something like, “My #selfie keeps thinking you are the greatest DAD!”
Trim your photo to fit the front of the card and cover its back completely with glue stick, adhering it securely. Use a fine point marker to trace around it as an added border, and also trace any controls or buttons present on its face.

Kendell Stroud and Tanner Bell from Little Craft in Your Day as well as Kyra Chiappini and Jessica Langelier for sharing their selfies! I greatly appreciate it!

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