Father’s Day Hero Stones: A Sentimental DIY Gift Idea

Paperweights make great Father’s Day gifts. Just go out and find some rocks – it’s super simple and useful! Dad can keep one at his desk or use it at home in his space – these Father’s Day Hero Stones rock paperweights tell dad what kind of person he is in your eyes; tell him!

Painted Rocks for Father’s Day
This project is ideal for older kids looking forward to celebrating Father’s Day; with some assistance from mom, this craft activity could also work perfectly for younger ones!

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I arranged these items into a wooden crate that can be found at Michaels for only a couple of dollars, giving a polished presentation.

I have suggested words in my instructions; however, you are welcome to substitute any others you find suitable.

As previously noted, you can either collect rocks from your yard or purchase them at Michaels or another craft store – I found my rocks near the seashells near floral displays!

Begin by painting the rocks black. Once dry, paint a circle of white paint in each rock’s center – two or even three coats may be necessary.

Sand the edges of the wooden crate before painting it black, and once dry sand back the edges to expose some of the wood grain. When complete write “My Dad Is…” across its front surface.

Use colorful paint pens to write words onto rocks and add polka dots around the borders of white circles to decorate rocks.

Note: I used DecoArt’s paint pens, which I absolutely adored when making the Colorful Mustache Mugs. You could also use colored Sharpies if desired; just be sure to allow enough drying time between each application in case any runoff occurs and ruins all your hard work!

Please find detailed instructions below, and have an amazing Father’s Day!