Craft Your Own Bunny Rabbit Family with Cardboard Tubes

Utilizing cardboard tubes from paper towels or bathroom tissue, create this colorful family of bunny rabbits with your children! An engaging recycled craft for kids!

Cardboard Tube Bunny Rabbit Family
Bunnies! Don’t you just love their cuteness? Well, this cardboard tube bunny rabbit family certainly is. These fluffy creatures don’t need to be limited just to Easter crafts as their vibrant hues remind me of jelly beans!

This adorable cardboard tube bunny rabbit family is such a creative way to recycle cardboard tubes! I also offer more cardboard tube crafts for kids as well as animal crafts which will help your little ones have fun crafting them together!

What You Need Get all of your supplies and instructions in one convenient location at the end of this post by printing off our printable version at the end.

How to make a cardboard tube bunny rabbit family
Cut the cardboard tubes as follows. You should end up with 5 baby bodies, 2 adult bodies and 14 ears.

Expert Crafting Tips
Some individuals find bathroom tissue rolls unnerving when used in day care settings; paper towel cardboard tubes provide an equally effective alternative with their smaller diameter and longer length.

Have fun creating this fun cardboard tube bunny rabbit family for Easter! Kids of all ages will have lots of fun helping.