Join the Easter Fun with a Printable Scavenger Hunt for Kids

This Easter scavenger hunt uses 8 clues to take your children on an exciting scavenger hunt both inside and outside your house until they discover the final clue, leading them to where their Easter baskets await them.

Why We Love These Printables Growing up, Easter was always exciting as I hunted down sweet treats to take home for Easter morning! So I have made the process easier by designing printable scavenger hunts to use on Easter morning – all you have to do is print, cut out and hide!

Once we’re on this topic, make sure you grab our printable Easter Basket Tags so you can easily label each of your Easter baskets!

This Easter scavenger hunt will lead to various locations. Each clue can be safely disregarded without disrupting the hunt – for instance if you don’t own a watering can you can just dispose of that clue as unnecessary.

Fill my bowl with seeds, hang me high, and my guests come from all directions! When my plants need watering I use my “watering can” (watering can) from your sink! As for me personally, I live outside with many green leaves on me that allow birds to call it home!

My body may contain sheets of paper and ink, but that doesn’t make me an actual book!

Are you pondering where to look for clues? I wash your clothes and circle back around.

Your next clue may lie within: I put bread into my stomach, and it comes out crispy.

The Easter Bunny hops around with excitement as he or she checks each bookcase and looks up towards the top shelf for goodies to deliver on Easter morning.

I am a machine that provides quick food. Once completed, when my work is finished, it beeps and beeps, signalling my end of service.

Here, we printed them off on yellow cardstock; however, white works just as well! Any color will work; pastel and lighter tones work best so you’ll be able to easily see the font colors once printed.