Tulip Wreath Craft: Brighten Your Home with this DIY Floral Wreath

An inviting Tulip Wreath can add vibrant springtime color and spirit to any entryway or doorway, all it requires are four basic supplies to create this stunning statement piece for spring.

Why we love this project A tulip wreath makes an eye-catching front door decoration during spring and Easter. With its vibrant blooms making the early days of rain-laden seasons seem less dull and more cheerful, we can all appreciate how great a feeling this creates!

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At the bottom of this post is a printable version with all supplies and directions needed to make a tulip wreath, including step by step photos and instructions to help visualize how this project should go together. Simply scroll down for print out instructions!

If your tulips arrive as a group, use wire snippers to divide each stem individually into individual stems, leaving long stems. Gently push any greenery up toward the bloom of each tulip for best results – we used light pink and cream and green tulips here.

Utilizing two pink stems and two white stems, begin your wreath-making project by interweaving them criss-cross style onto its form.

Use ribbon or yarn to wrap around and secure stems of plants in their position.

Take another set of tulip stems and arrange them so they will cover over the first pair you positioned, ensuring they all point in the same direction and have an overhang on their outer edge of the wreath.

EXPERT TIP The more tulips that extend past the outer edge, the larger your wreath will become in the end.

Continue to place new stems alternating colors and filling any small gaps left from previous rows.

Make sure that as you progress around the wreath, tightening each stem as you go.

As soon as you return to the beginning, make sure to tuck all stems beneath the initial tulips and fill in any gaps or spots where gaps exist.

Check that your finished wreath is symmetrical and balanced before making any necessary adjustments. For added depth and dimension, consider including some dark pink blooms of tulips in an unexpected color such as this dark hue for additional depth and dimension in your wreath design.
Use any colored tulips you prefer in this craft project; mix and match to best meet your taste!