Create Your Own Easter Egg Wreath: A Fun DIY Project

DIY Easter egg wreath ideas like this one are the perfect way to welcome spring. Use any extra plastic eggs you may have lying around for our printable Easter Scavenger Hunt!

Easter is one of our favorite times of year – warm spring days, a focus on growth and renewal, pastel decor… what could possibly go wrong!? Learn to Make an Easter Egg Wreath Tutorial as the holiday approaches!

Last year we made this simple bunny ear wreath and then garland for the fireplace mantle, but this year will be all about eggs and chicks; starting off this simple Easter wreath idea as our starting point!

How to Create an Easter Egg Wreath
Begin by Preparing Your Eggs Start by ensuring all the eggs are clean and dry, cut pieces of floral wire 4″ long, bend one end through a plastic egg’s bottom holes before twisting securely around itself to secure it in place – repeat for all other eggs in your wreath.

Carefully secure both pieces of an egg together so they stay closed.

Create the desired shade with white, blue, light blue, green and light green paints.

Begin by painting each egg with various hues of paint. Set them aside and allow the first coat to dry completely; apply additional coats if necessary.

Assemble Your Wreath
To assemble your wreath, use floral wire to attach the garland to the grapevine wreath. Twist each egg’s wire tail around a pencil to form a hook before hooking this wire into one of the wreath’s branches to keep everything secure.
As needed, use hot glue to secure an egg in its place. Continue layering up more eggs of different colors and sizes until your wreath is completed; try aligning all of the eggs pointing in one direction for an aesthetically pleasing wreath!
Finishing Touches
While your wreath may already look stunning, adding finishing touches could make it even more so! Try adding ribbon, leaves or phrases like the seashell wreath idea; I even added a beautiful white dove onto my Easter egg wreath as an Easter surprise!

One of the great aspects of this wreath is that I used materials I already had at home to craft it. Once Easter is done I may remove the eggs and use the wreath with summery themes instead.

Are there any additional touches you would add to this Easter egg wreath?

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