Creative Easter Egg Decorating Ideas: 7 Cool Techniques

Here are seven easy and fun methods for decorating Easter eggs to create stunning designs that are suitable for both kids and adults! These vibrantly hued eggs make Easter egg decoration easy.

Why We Liked This Project
Decorating Easter eggs is an enjoyable tradition that appeals to many – not just kids! Through years of trial-and-error we have tested numerous coloring methods. Today we present 7 ways of decorating Easter eggs!

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Place one tablespoon of oil and one tablespoon of vinegar into each mug, followed by food coloring of different hues for each cup. Fill to about 3/4 full with water and stir each mug individually using its own spoon.
Hold your boiled egg in one hand while stirring liquid from your mug with a spoon using your other hand to create a swirling effect in the liquid in the mug. Stir this several times and remove your spoon, placing the egg onto it, then lower into swirling waters below.

At 5 or 6, remove each egg from its shell and set it on a paper towel, without patting dry. Allow each color to rest for several minutes as its hue may change with age and resting time. Repeat the above process with another color on each egg or leave as single colors. After waiting several minutes or more until satisfied with your results, gently wipe your eggs off using paper towel to complete your masterpiece!

Add 1 teaspoon of white vinegar to each mug, add food coloring, and fill 3/4 of your mugs with water. Now stir your dyed eggs! If you want deeper hues, leave your eggs longer in; for pastel tones take out sooner.
Combing one teaspoon of brown acrylic craft paint with four or five drops of water will yield a satisfactory mixture. On your work surface, lay newspaper down to make sure all your eggs are dry before practicing the flicking method several times on paper before trying it on an egg.

First, get your toothbrush wet and use your finger to flick off excess water from its bristles. Next, dip them into a thinned brown paint mixture. With bristles pointing downwards on the toothbrush handle, run your finger along its bristles; this will cause it to flick onto newspaper pages.

Once you are comfortable with the method, flick paint onto eggs by flicking. Allow each side to dry before flipping them over and painting their side.

Place egg in an egg cup (or another container suitable for holding upright). Use the spray bottle to mist its surface. Squeeze one drop of food coloring onto its top surface.

Keep water bottle at a distance and mist its top again.

Add additional colors by misting or blowing onto the egg for the desired effect.