Fun DIY Craft: Cardboard Tube Binoculars

Are your little rugrats feeling cabin fever? Try bringing this fun idea out of the blue – they will love it! Making cardboard tube binoculars craft will get them excited for spring and summer; plus, they can continue using their binoculars indoors – similar to our DIY Kaleidoscope for kids!

Cardboard Tube Binoculars Here is an engaging and simple craft project for children! Feel free to switch out the camouflage felt for another pattern or solid color for their cardboard tube binoculars.

Binoculars make an amazing camp craft or rainy-day activity! Plus they’re great for bird-watching or indoor adventure games too!

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What You Need TIP: If you like the concept of camouflage felt but cannot locate any commercial versions, make your own by gluing together various shades of one hue onto a similar piece of felt or construction paper.

These step by step photos and instructions are here to help you visualize how to complete this project. Simply scroll down and print out these instructions!

How to make Cardboard Tube Binoculars
Lay felt design side down on your work surface and cut in half lengthwise. Assemble one tube inside one half, glueing as you go, before trimming off excess felt and trimming off excess. Repeat these steps for both tubes.
Cut a strip of craft foam long enough to wrap around the end of the tube, roughly 3/4″ wide, ensuring its seam lines up with that of the felt seam on your tube. Adhere it securely around its circumference using glue.

Secure with a rubber band. Repeat for the other tube.
Cut another strip long enough to go around one end of the other tube, cutting it 1/2″ wide this time and adhering it using glue as before before securing with rubber bands.
Place both tubes side-by-side with their seams facing each other, and secure both with rubber bands to hold them together.
Use a pen to punch a hole in one side of the tube about 1/2″ below a 1/2″ wide craft foam strip, insert the twine from outside and use a double knot to bring it through and secure its position – this should stop it coming back out through its original hole again later! Repeat on other side.
Place two tubes next to one another, lip over, and pipe a generous amount of white craft glue between them, letting both tubes dry fully, which may take several hours or overnight before taking down rubber bands and using your binoculars.

Hope you have fun crafting your very own pair of binoculars with your children and teaching them about recycling and reuse! Not only will it be fun, but you could use these recycled crafts as fun Earth Day activities!

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