The Crystal Pouring Watering Can: A Unique DIY Project

My neighbor and close friend Debra has created this stunning DIY yard art with an old watering can and chandelier crystals from another chandelier, reflecting sunlight brilliantly off of them and making for stunningly dazzling displays in our yard.

Crystals appear to be pouring from a watering can’s spout with only some wire and beads used to secure them in place. Read on to discover how you can create your own watering can that pours crystals!

Watering Can That Pours Crystals
This whimsical garden decoration would look beautiful alongside any of these stunning Decorative Garden Stakes, don’t you think?

Note: For those interested in purchasing one of these beautiful pieces, Etsy offers beautiful options!

Here I will go through how you can make something similar yourself or watch my video below this paragraph. After watching, make sure to scroll down further in this post and view all the photos!

As soon as I posted the picture of this watering can project to Instagram a few years ago, I never expected anything to come of it. When it went viral on Facebook, however, I made sure to share the photo there too.

What was truly astounding was when this post attracted nearly 700 likes and 200 shares! Needless to say, my Facebook page at that time was clearly popular! In order to capture even better pictures for you all and demonstrate how you too could make one yourself!

Debra and I live right around the corner from one another, yet had never met prior to her introducing herself by telling me about meeting through this blog that she “knew”. At first I didn’t believe anyone in my sleepy little town even knew what a blog was or even followed it! But as it turns out she turned out to be true! I visited her garage sales several times before meeting up for real.

Debra and I met about four years ago and have become great friends ever since! We often share creative tips and bounce crafty ideas off each other – I am truly blessed that she came knocking! I am thankful she arrived on that fateful day!

Debra lives in an adorable farm house with an immense barn in her side yard, from which I salvaged items such as these Distressed Shutters. Check out that post for pictures of Debra’s property!

If you want to see even more, I have posted a small album of Debra’s barn on Facebook.

Debra has an exquisite garden. Although fall has settled upon southeast Wisconsin and most of the colorful blooms have returned to hibernate for another season, Debra still boasts a fabulous space full of whimsical items I will showcase here.

Debra’s yard features many items salvaged from the side of the road or purchased cheaply at garage sales, like her garden path lined with blue bottles that have been turned upside-down and planted into the soil.

One of my favorite parts of her garden are these charming herb pots stacked together like trinkets in a garbage can.

She explained it so wonderfully – suggesting that the former owner probably exclaimed, in disapproval: “Oh no…the paint’s chipping off…” in a depressing tone of voice.

This delightful garden ornament was constructed using a glass flower frog, colorful beads, wire and an assortment of rusty keys.

Near the barn stands an old chair covered with vines and featuring a charming metal and shovel-crafted crow that sits atop it.

Hanging nearby are more crystals, this time pouring from a small metal jello mold pan.

Another decorative ornament made out of two round plant hangers glued together.

One of my favorite parts of the garden are these adorable toadstools. Perhaps my fairy house should join them!

Not far away from the toadstools is this immense wind chime made up of more beads.